PAS Meeting 2017

Promotional Video

The Pediatric Academic Societies wanted to promote its annual conference scheduled for May 2017. VideoEnvy was hired as the local video production crew. In Houston, we worked with PAS to coordinate interviews with four pediatric doctors in the Texas Medical Center. PAS entrusted VideoEnvy’s crew to produce the content on-site without the need to have any PAS employees in attendance. VideoEnvy sent out our two-person team of a producer and videographer / photographer. We conducted interviews and shot supporting footage.

We then scripted together four individual stories telling why one should attend and the benefits for his or her career. We did all post-production including all video graphics and editing. The videos were used on the client’s YouTube site and email campaigns.

PAS Meeting: Through The Eyes of Dr. Teri L. Turner

An educator's unconventional take on why the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting provides a window into the Whys, Hows, and How Do We Do It Betters of academic pediatrics and pediatric research.

Why Dr. Jake A. Kushner Loves PAS 2017

Dr. Jake Kushner highlights the unique collaborative possibilities and career enrichment at the annual PAS Meeting, ensuring a better future for children worldwide.

Dr. Clifford Bogue on the PAS Meeting

Dr. Clifford Bogue highlights his favorite things about The Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting. Join us in San Francisco, CA, May 6-9 for PAS 2017!